Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Joys of blogging

So I just thought I would list a few of my favourite blogs, if you don't  follow any blogs. Take my advise and start now. Not only are they an eye-opening way to read about a subject your interested in but the reason blogs are so popular is because they are a representation of freedom of speech. They allow anyone, no matter of their age, gender or race to have an opinion. If Alice from the corner shop wants to talk about the joy she gets from organising her stamp collection then why not? The most enticing reason to start a blog is the hope that you might make a change, the fact that you could make a difference to society just by uploading a few pictures or words, you could change peoples minds. Its not just something you have to do on your own either. Many protests and charities have come together through blogging and really made a difference to the way people interact today. Blogging with continue to take the world by storm, simply because it allows people to express their opinion. Make a difference. And be heard.

So if your intrested in Fashion, photography or art these are the blogs I would recommend:

The Selby is one of the most inspiring home decore blogs you will ever come across. The man behind it is Tod Selby who travels the world to see the artistic houses of inspirational people.

Fashiontoast is a blog created by the gorgeous Rumi Neely, her facisnation with materials and textures allow her to wear stunningly simple but at the same time eye catching outfits. Her glamourous but grundgy style allows you to appretiate the art in fashion and illistrates hown to wear clothes that are basic yet intresting at the same time.

Olsens Anonymous is basically a collection of photos of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen over the years all on one blog. This is the perfect blog to visit when you are having one of those days where you feel like you actually have nothing to wear! It never ceases to inspire me. The twins seem to make the most perfect outfits out of everyday basics usually with something ecentric thrown in almost as an afterthought. Its their effortlessness that makes them so appealling. The stunning Parisian-style shawl carelssly thrown round Ashleys neck as she rushes through New York City shows that despite what people say fahion can also be practical.Working women dont have to look boring, which leads me on to the nex blog...

Stlye By Kling. I only found this blog recently but it soon joined the list of "blogs to visit daily". Its Elins clear layout and straightforward posts along with the fact that it gives the reader a little insight into the world of the model, magazine founder and fashion bloggers life that makes it so inspiring to read. In the case of this blog I think that although her unifrom of jeans and a shirt have given me hundreds of new ideas on how to wear this enesemble which I thought was previously limited to about 5 outfits it was the idea that she works or so many hours a day, doing so many different things but still manages to keep everytrhing together that inspired me the most.

SeaofShoes is the only blog I've found so far where the blogger REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to mixing prints. Jane, daughter of a Jewlery designer has managed to combine all her colours, prints and styles so perfectly that even I, lover of all things adrogenous and/ or black has consired changing my ways after seeing this blog. Definatly one everyone should check out.

The style Rookie was one I had to save for last just because of the sheer uniqueness of this blog. Tavi is now an icon all over the fashion wold and is the perfect resprisentative of what I was talking about earlier on how blogs allow people to express their opinions no matter what their backgrounds are. Its her way of being a baltent teenager with all her mood swings and swear words that I think led to her blog being viewed by so many people. She admits that yes, teenagers are rude and yes,  they can be a downright pain sometimes too but thats a fact people are just going to have to deal with. She is also a strident femenist which adds to her stubborn opinions which only makes readers love her even more. Tavi's writing is almost like a diary entry full of made up words and slang, she seems to have an obssesion with the word "vibe", is not afraid to be herself and talks about whatever shes in the mood for whether that be music or The simpsons. The obsesion Tavi has with music and films of the 90's for all its adrogony really opens you eyes to a much wider view of the fashion and art world by alowing you to think of movies esspecially in another way, as more of an art form than just a good storyline.

Im sure there are so many other good blogs out there waiting to be found but for now hopefully this post has allowed anyone reading this to have a much wider view of blogging as a whole and taken a look at a blog they would have otherwise overlooked.


Flower said...

A lovely collection of blogs <3

Grace said...

The Selby is my favorite blog too!

Love Grace.

Ellinor Forje said...

That is such a cool photo. Thanks for the info on the blogs and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

Fashion Blends said...

I have checked out some of them - not all. Will do so now :)