Monday, 13 February 2012

Haphazardly Layered

This is just a photo that I came across on, which I just had to post. Hanne Gaby Odiele in her haphazardly layered yet perfect cardigans...

Twisted Dolls

At Derek Lam there was a definite rebellious rag-doll persona being channelled in the models hair and make up. With the spotlight being on their eyes but with the twist of drawn on eyelashes and lashings of mascara to keep the look from looking to girly, and create an aura of non-uniformity.

The make up from this collection also reminded me of an old Harpers Bazaar cover with Alexa Chung.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


I cant make up my mind about RP/Encore's jewellery. The items are not just based on animal aspects but made out of bits of animal too. The two collections Vermin and Park might give you more than a little hint about which animals exactly Peppard uses in her work to create these honestly stunning pieces. For now Ive got my eye on her thin bone rings- staying safely away from anything made of real animals. But what do you think of animal jewellery, is it art or an abomination?


Chantal Adair- Top Stops AW11

Top stops is a part of the Russian culture magazine GARAGE. Its aim is to show real people and their styles in the form of a website but what makes it so good is that anyone can upload a photo (its kind of like an unexclusive Jack&Jill), so the winner of the competition will be chosen for their style and not for who they are, backing up the revolutionary way that fashion is moving more and ore towards then people today. The Contributing editor for the magazine is Tavi Gevinson who's unique influence is clearly seen in aspects of the magazine.