Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Gibson Girl

The 1900 was the beginning of a path towards more comfortable clothes for women of all statuses. A new style of skirt known as the "hobble skirt" for the way it restricted the wearer from taking long strides and usually worn with a sash around the waist was a big step away from the previous centuries bustle skirt. With the help of the Paris fashion houses influence and Charles Gibson sketch of "The Gibson Girl" which was said to set the first national standard for beauty, we began to see a new confident 20th century women emerge.

The scene outside Harrods: Edwardian Gallery
The Gibson girl: drawn: By Charles Dana Gibson
A portrait showing the hairstyle influenced by the Gibson Girl: By John Singer Sargent
Evelyn Nesbit: By Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr.

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