Saturday, 10 September 2011


I think now is appropriate time to write about Tavi's new online magazine. Its basically a kind of remake of Sassy but the thing that makes this magazine even better is the fact that it is written by people from all around the world and of different age groups. It talks about troubles that affect teenagers in the world today however it can still be read by anyone who is an interest in virtually anything.  The variety of writers mean that the articles are really easy to relate to and are written in a way that makes you feel as if your talking to that energetic friend who always has too much to say and can never get it out fast enough. The writers at Rookiemag also seem to have taken into consideration the fact that your average teen is usually broke therefore we do not always enjoy having expensive items thrown at us to tempt us into breaking into our savings and instead, explain where to get the cheapest version of something usually through DIY or thrift stores. So I'd advise anyone of any age (Especially if you are about 14 and have just started attending an American High School then this magazine will become your ultimate handbook) to check out rookiemag because you never know what you might find.

Picture credit: Rookiemag

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